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Polycarbonate Panels Benefits Over Fiberglass

The debate over whether polycarbonate panels make a better building material over fiberglass is as age old as the industry is. While it remains a fact that there are such important distinctions and differences between these two kinds of building materials, in this post we will be a lot concerned with the features that the polycarbonate panels have that make them a preferred choice when it comes to building materials. The following is a look at some of the key benefits of the polycarbonate panels over fiberglass that actually make them the ideal solution for your building needs more so when it comes to roofing and siding materials.

One of the things that makes the polycarbonate panels a stand out material for your siding and roofing needs is looking at the appearance factor or feature. Generally, when compared to fiberglass, the polycarbonate panels have a much cleaner look more so when you look at them after such long periods of exposure to sunlight. Added to this, working on polycarbonate panels will be a lot easier when you will want to make cuts on them for holes for instance to allow for wires and the like. In most cases where you have to do such on fiberglass, you will end in a project that ends up weakening your structure. This be as it is with the fiberglass panels, polycarbonate panels happen to be the best alternative looking at the fact that with them, you will end up doing your modifications to the structure without having as much of an impact on the structure’s appearance or strength, it remaining sturdy no matter the kind of modifications you may make on them.

On the same point on making modifications, when you look at fiberglass, making cuts and doing such kinds of modifications on them will often produce some granular dust that happens to be such a serious health risk and this is where polycarbonate panels beat them as these do not have such effects of shavings that will threaten your health apart from them being easy to work on and with when doing modifications.

The other unique feature that comes with polycarbonate that makes it such an ideal building material as compared to fiberglass is its resistance to UV light. When it comes to the fiberglass siding and roofing materials, these often get to fade by and by as a result of the period of exposure they will have to sunlight and UV rays. The cause of this is the fact that as a result of the exposure that they will have to the sunlight rays, the fibers in the fiberglass material get to weaken and deteriorate over time and as a result of this, you end up with faded colors and more so where you happened to have tinted panels on your roofs or walls.

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